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tv   Today  NBC  March 6, 2012 2:05am-3:05am EST

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hey, everybody. so great to see you here today captions paid for by nbc-universal television hey, everybody.
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so great to see you here today for monday -- fun day monday. >> yes, it is. >> march 5th already. >> it's getting lightener the morning. did you notice? >> i know it. i have crocuses that have already croaked. unbelievable. daffodils are -- >> we're already into spring. we are moving. by the way, saturday night, i don't know what you're doing on saturday night, but "saturday night live" was on and lindsay lohan was hosting. everybody was waiting for this, a big deal. >> i didn't realize it was her fourth time hosting it. >> i didn't either. question was how was she going to do. she got i think largely not great reviews. i think that's fair to say. "people" magazine said it was good. others said she was reading cue cards and stuff like that. she wanted to come out of the gate strong. >> it might have been fear that kept her from giving a full performance. fear can paralyze you. >> a lot of pressure. but if you missed the opening monologue, take a look. >> you know, this studio feels like a home -- [ alarms ] wait, so the alarm goes off if i leave the stage? i thought it was only if i left the studio. >> can i see your eyes, please? >> you know -- >> she's good. >> hey, look at me. everybody here believes in you. everyone. we wouldn't have you back otherwise. [ applause ] >> thank you.
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>> are you searching me? >> no! no. i'm -- i'm a lesbian now. >> everyone makes mistakes but that doesn't mean you can't shake them off. you can do this. if you can't, john is on standby as backup host. >> no. no. lindsay. i'm sure -- i'm sure you're going to be great. you're going to be just great. >> i just met him down the stairs today. he was with his beautiful -- >> not wife. >> oh. >> but longtime friend. >> they haven't been -- >> they're not married. but they are adorable. they're adorable. i didn't get to see it. we're going to talk with rob chuter about it a little later and all the buzz. but i was recuperating myself saturday night. >> you were. >> it wasn't pretty. no. cassidy had one of the leads in one of the great musicals of all time called "guys and dolls." she played miss adelaide.
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and so we went -- i went to five performances of "guys and dolls" this weekend, knew every line and every actor. anyway, these kids did an awesome job. there she is in the middle. there she is. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> and there she's miss adelaide, the hatbox girl. great legs. >> uh-huh. >> they put on a tremendous performance there. they really did. they work sod hard. >> for what school? >> i can't say because she's still in it. her school. >> her school. >> so anyway, she had a temperature of 102, and just forged through, never told anybody she was sick. i said, all right, now you're showing me character. forget talent. talent is something god gives you, but character is something you build. >> she looks terrific. >> the guy next to her, he is -- he played such a good nathan.
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adelaide! come on! first time he's ever done a show. >> you're kidding. sweet. >> all the kids did a wonderful job. so proud. she went to bed at 7:15 last night, i woke her up at 6:30. >> she's exhausted. >> the school and the -- >> the tests and everything. >> you had a big weekend, my hodie. >> it was karen, my best friend's birthday. my hosie? >> i have to find new pet names for you. my hod-ala. that's the jewish version of hoda. >> i wanted to surprise her. she lives in new orleans. her -- i was sitting on her couch. her husband was there. he wakes up when she comes home from work. she anchors the local news. at 11:00, she's like, hi honey, dropped her bags. i go happy birthday. it was a lot of fun. me and jay, karen and john, we went to this great restaurant in the french quarter called irene's.
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we just walked the french quarter, ate at mr. b's. they have this stuff called barbecued shrimp like the ribs. you dunk the french bread into that buttery barbecue sauce and you -- i've been thinking about -- ever since. >> they don't spare the butter down there. >> so good. >> and now, that's the first time karen, your best friend, has met jay, your best guy. >> yeah. >> how did it go? >> it was good. yeah. you know, you're a little nervous about that kind of stuff but -- >> you've been best friends with karen that long. impossible not to like jay. such a gentleman. >> yes. >> such a sweetheart. >> they both loved him. he and john got along, too. >> we both had good weekends. >> we did. >> you know who's having a good time in spite of everything? charlie sheen. how does he keep hitting the jackpot?
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>> fiat has a commercial. they had j. lo do their fiat commercials before. didn't do well. >> didn't work out for them. >> now they've got charlie sheen selling their cars. take a look at this fiat commercial. ♪ >> i love being under house arrest. what do i get for good behavior? >> i'd give you a spanking but you'd probably enjoy it. >> okay. here's the weird thing about that -- >> i don't know how i can behave that badly and get rewarded for it every time i turn around. >> yeah. is he selling -- do people want the car he's driving? i guess they do all kinds of testing on that, research.
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guess they realize the kind of guy that would buy that car is the kind of guy that loves charlie sheen. >> it's a little girly car, isn't it? that little fiat? not like -- >> what are you saying, hoda? >> i'm saying it's not like a bad-boy -- >> i've had a fiat before. they're a fun car. >> it looks like one of those little mini coupes, like teeny. >> it was a little small. and it was a little feisty. and it was red, my little fiat. i enjoyed it. i don't know. listen, i wish him all the best. what i never sensed from him yet is that he is sorry for anything. >> yeah. >> any of the damage that -- you know, when you're just living on tiger tooth -- is that what he called it? >> tiger blood. >> and all of that and all so narcissistic and -- >> yeah. >> if you look -- if you stop to look back when you live a life like that, you're going to see a lot of cadavers, a lot of road kill. >> right. >> people whose lives have been impacted in a negative way. i'm not being goody two-shoes about this. it's a wonderful old word called
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repentance, which means make it right what you did. >> yeah. >> and go forward and do well. i want him to do well. >> sure. yeah. you really haven't heard that from him. you know what's weird. he's been gone from the scene and hasn't seemed to have made that much of an impact. his show is going on, going really strong. >> well, kelly ripa took over for me. no. you want people to succeed. there's room for everybody. charlie is a talented guy, as is lindsay. but, you know -- in fact we talked before about the fact she couldn't remember how long she's been sober. i think that's a warning sign. i really do. >> some of the papers were reporting she was out enjoying herself. i don't know what's true and what's not. >> hope it's not. you know who else is in trouble? >> this guy on the bus? >> i like this guy. >> so sick of people talking on their cell phones, identified as eric, he got a cell phone jammer. i guess they sell them in china. this happened in philly.
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he got on the bus and turned on the jammer. everyone was, like, hello? what? can you hear me now? anyway, he was over it. but apparently that's illegal. the cell phone jammers are illegal. >> it shouldn't be illegal. we've got it all screwed up. >> it presents a threat to public safety, jamming up people's cell phones. >> i guess if you have an emergency or something. but i think the guy, if there was an emergency, somebody choking, he would probably turn off his thing. >> his thing. >> charlie's problem, too. got to turn off your thing once in a while. >> should we talk about "favorite things"? >> we should. >> i'll go first. this is something that took me so long to discover i'm embarrassed that i'm so late to the game. pandora on your iphone. let me tell you what's weird about it. you can make your own radio station. i punched in kathie lee gifford. and it gives you something
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called kathie lee gifford radio. >> i had one hit. 30 seconds. >> and anyone who sounds like you. >> okay. barbra streisand and who else? >> here's your song. >> hold on. oh, that's from my "born for you" record. >> okay. >> christopher marleau playing the piano. so long intro. >> who sounds like you? let's go. lady gaga. >> really? >> they pick anyone who has your kind of cadence and your sort of tone, and you know who else is on here? susan boyle. oh, my god, and the irish tenors. this is crazy! anyway, they find people who have your -- >> all three of them? >> all three. anyway. that's mine. pandora. it's free. >> a friend of mine works for
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pandora. >> it's great. what you got? >> i have two. one is this fantastic -- >> what is that? >> this is by clota wah, which means it has something in there that mommy likes. chic technique. the fabrics are by tracy reese. it's $135 at refinery 29 dotcom. i thought that was adorable for spring. >> i love that. >> your crocuses and have a nice time. a couple weeks ago i told everybody about a book that has absolutely changed my life called "1,000 gifts." you will never again see the mundane in life as mundane when you realize how glorious each moment of your life is. so i told you all about the book "1,000 gifts," but what i have in our audience today is the author herself. she flew in from her pig farm this morning. ann voskamp is here with my friend emily, and brought her two daughters.
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we're so happy you're here. this book is impacting so many people's lives. >> great. nice to be here. thank you for having me. >> she's very humble. very humble. we're going to have a long, long lunch that you're invited to, hoda, if you can make it. if you want to change your life, great book. what's up, sara? >> this will change your life, too. how do you follow that? i was telling hoda about this before. this is called a precleanse. you know how much effort it takes to get makeup off? you don't want to scrub. this is their oil -- waterproof mascara, this is $35 at >> it doesn't dry out your skin. >> it doesn't. >> it's all natural. everything so good for you. >> very nice. don't forget ambush. >> tell us. >> ambush is going to be held on thursdays so if you want to get yourself all snazzed up by louis
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and jill, make sure to come to the plaza on thursdays now. >> thank you, sara. big show today. >> all the celebrity news you might have missed. something new with snooki. i'm just saying.
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it's time for "today's buzz," filling you in on all things celebrity. we do the digging so you don't have to in your manicure. >> here with the scoop is "huffington post celebrity"s naughty but nice columnist rob chuter. >> how are you, ladies? >> breaking news. i know everyone's wondering about this. >> as opposed to breaking wind. >> snooki. >> last week it was revealed that snooki is pregnant. today it was revealed by "people" magazine she is engaged. she hasn't confirmed this yet. >> people are saying it? >> it's a great place. i think they're right.
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the reason she's not confirming is she's looking to do it on a cover of a magazine that will pay her to tell the story. >> you think, rob? another case of rewarding bad behavior. >> yes. >> i tell you. wouldn't have an entertainment world if it wasn't for that. >> lindsay was on snl. what were the overall reviews? >> very bad. they were not good. however -- >> the ratings were great. >> the second highest of the entire season beating out alec baldwin and many other people. this is what i think we should remember, though. the reason she's a winner is many people didn't think she could even get through this. she put in the work every day. and she did the show. so i think people were so concerned with lindsay that this is winning because she's back working again. she did go to the after party. she was there till after 3:00 a.m., which sounds terrible, but remember the show ends at 1:00. by the time they get there -- she didn't drink anything. >> wasn't drinking. >> not a thing. and she really -- >> staying up late is not harmful to her.
2:24 am
>> and she went from table to table saying thank you for having me, what a pleasure it was. >> good for her. >> were her parents there? >> her mom. her mom said it was a great night and she's very proud. her dad is in a halfway house in florida so, he spent the evening tweeting about his daughter. >> was he saying nice things? >> oh, of course. not all about himself. but nevertheless, it was a little sad to see that. the brother and sisters were there. her sister was the only one allowed on the stage with her during commercial breaks. she was with her sister. >> we heard she was sort of staying put. >> absolutely. i know the sister was there, the mom was there and the brother. >> good. >> a new couple -- is this true about taylor swift and tim tebow? >> they had a little dinner, come on. >> what is the story? >> they are not together. they went to dinner with a bunch of friends, i think five in total. >> he's saving himself for
2:25 am
cassidy. everybody knows that. >> he didn't pay for dinner. five of them. she only had a latte. i think this is friends just meeting each other, going out. >> a slow news week. >> everyone's trying to make the moves on tim tebow. i mean, everyone -- >> temptation. >> girls are going nuts for him. everybody was trying to get to him. >> there's something very lovable and real about him. >> very real. breath of fresh air. >> we haven't been hearing much about demi moore, but lately -- >> or ashton kutcher. >> he did go to see her. she was in rehab at the time. now she's out of rehab. people say she's doing great. we don't know where she is. she's disappeared. she's nowhere near the paparazzi. she is getting well, which i think we can all agree is very good news. >> she's so smart to do that just because too many people come back too fast, think their career is going to be over if they don't -- >> yeah. >> a big interview where they sound sober, don't do it yet.
2:26 am
wait. wait. >> nicollette sheridan. >> the background, she was fired from "desperate housewives" years ago. she complained that the director slapped her on the head and he killed her off in the series. that's what she claims. he's saying he intended this character to die in any case. it's got ugly. she wants $4 million from him. this week, though, is going to be a big week because all the other ladies are going to testify. >> and he's still their boss. >> he is. and he's got a new show. he's very powerful. they're saying he gently tapped her on the side of the head trying to show her part of the character. she's saying he hit her. >> no eyewitnesses. >> none at all. >> he-said-she-said. we want everyone to be happy. thank you, rob. up next, our newest "fan of the week."
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the time we've been waiting for where we reveal our newest "fan of the week." >> they're holding their breath. sara tells us the winner. >> great pictures this time. and a dude! our winner is john from north carolina. >> go, john. >> he watches on nbc 17. he usually watches the show from his fit desk, which he got after seeing us. he loved ambush makeovers and attempted one on his own. pretty handsome. he's taken a year off from work to be with his son who has autism. during that year, he's had the time to enjoy the show and turn into a true fan. congratulations for being a loyal father and a fan. we are sending you and a friend to boca raton, florida. >> nice. >> beautiful this time of year. in the 70s. >> three nights at the beach club, a private pool cabana. you and your companion will each enjoy a spa treatment and dinner
2:32 am
for two at the sea grill restaurant. roundtrip air fare provided by boca beach club, a waldorf-astoria property. >> he could take his son with him. >> wouldn't that be great? >> thanks so much, sara. if you think you deserve to be our next fan of the week -- >> get on >> still to come, heroes of the wild. >> and il volo is in the house. >> i don't think one of them is above 18. unreal.
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we are back on this fun day monday with "today's call of the wild." certainly wouldn't be a fun day
2:37 am
without our visitors. >> we love the four-legged creatures. >> how can you keep from falling in love with all these? >> you can. >> anyway, brought today a beautiful new book she co-authored called "wildlife heroes," a beautiful book, a story of leading conservation and the wildlife they're committed to saving. >> one of the things we've seen working with animals for so long is my co-author jeff and myself, animal populations are declining all around the world, across the board pretty much. habitat loss is one of the more reasons. 85% of threatened and endangered species, one of the main reasons is habitat loss. we brought amanda to represent habitat loss. this guy is found in central and south america, a lot of agricultural conversion from rain forests, mining, logging going on. all these different things impact the species that live
2:38 am
there. they need to find food and shelter. this guy is an anteater, which basically an anteater. see if he eats these grubs here. >> oh, yeah. >> a tongue about 12 inches long so he can use that to get inside of the termite mounds and everything like that. >> that's great. >> one of the things people can do -- one of the heroes we wrote about was the first african woman to actually win the nobel prize. her simple solution was plant trees. it empowered women in africa. >> that's great. >> also a great thing that anybody can do around the world. >> let's bring in our next lucky animal. >> let's bring pinky out, our flamingo. >> hi, pinky! >> where are you going? >> pinky loves to just kind of hang around and dance if she feels like it, too. >> does she need some music? >> flamingos are found all over the world.
2:39 am
a lot of people don't realize they're not just tropical species and they're not real fragile either, which they kind of look like. >> look at the legs. >> long legs. >> but they actually can stand in water that is so alkaline it would burn the skin of a human. >> you're kidding. >> they can drink boiling geyser water and live up in the mountains in south america. >> very pretty. >> when it's 20 below. >> great adaptations. but unfortunately -- she's thinking about it. >> should i dance? i don't know what to do. >> give me some barry white. >> yeah. >> she's beautiful. >> amazing. >> we'll keep our eye on her. >> what do we have up in the tree? >> this is a black and white rust lemur. they are found only in one spot. remember the movie "madagascar"? see, look at this. he might want to eat those, but
2:40 am
mainly they're leaf eaters. >> see you, pink. >> does he want a banana? >> a banana would be great for this guy. because they're only found in an island environment and they've lost about 90% of their habitat, just about all species of lemurs are endangered. allison jolly, one of the heros in our book, was one of the first women to go down and study lemurs on madagascar, but also realizes even today she's writing stories about lemurs so children on the island can learn about them. >> let's bring in our frog real quick. >> endangered species there, as well. this is an american bullfrog. about a third to a half of all amphibians, most of which are frogs -- you want to hold this guy? >> no thanks. >> oh, somebody's been kissing a frog. >> kiss the frog! >> who was doing that? >> going to turn into -- >> oh! >> okay.
2:41 am
>> a little bit of red lipstick there. >> okay. >> anyway. >> if you haven't got enough, get "wildlife heroes" in stores tomorrow. >> up next, a guy who literally took one step and started to drop 200 pounds. that's after this. >> it was you. >> it was me. this italian b.m.t. is amazing. i'm in italy... ♪ ♪ ciao! ciao! ciao! dude!? she was talkin' to me. they're never talking to you. -what? -never. [ male announcer ] get to subway pronto for our fresh takes on italian. like the delizioso italian b.m.t., and the molto bono chicken parmesan. subway. eat fresh.
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it's now time for "look at me now: the joy fit club" and the induction of the newest member. >> mike reynolds from atlanta, georgia, lost 200 pounds. let's take a look at mike's story. >> my name is michael reynolds, and i once weighed 380 pounds. i've been heavy since i was a teenager. in high school, i would use extra money from my part-time job to buy junk food. i noticed that i was gaining weight, but i didn't do anything to stop it.
2:46 am
i loved food, and i loved to eat. as my weight increased, people started treating me differently. the kids that i worked with would make fat jokes and asked me if i gained more weight. eventually, my weight started to affect my health. i was taking medicine for high blood pressure and was borderline diabetic. i also had sleep apnea and could never sleep through the night. i could not reach down to tie my shoes so i bought shoes without strings to avoid the issue. in august of 2010, i went to a good friend's wedding. when i saw pictures afterwards, i did not even recognize myself. i felt ashamed and couldn't believe i had let myself gain that much weight. that day i went to the nearest track and started walking. i went back to the track every day and soon those walks turned into jogs and those jogs turned into runs. i also changed my diet and started eating healthier.
2:47 am
today i'm 200 pounds lighter and feel great. i hope that my story lets others know that they can also win the battle of bulge with a positive attitude and hard work. >> can't wait to meet him. >> what a doll. >> sweet guy. >> what a doll. >> first our contributing nutritionist joy bauer. talk about some of the food mistakes he was making. >> literally lost two joys. >> 200 pounds within a year. within a year. what i love about this is he recruited his wife, as well so, when he was heavy he did all the cooking. she gained 60 pounds. when he started on the health path and lost all the weight, she lost 60 pounds. they're like the incredible power health couple. >> good for them. >> like so many people, in his heavier days he equated fish with health. automatically thought it was a health food. these are his before fish, the battered, deep-fried catfish, well over 1,000 calories. >> wow. >> shrimp and pasta alfredo, well over a thousand calories. >> it would be all right if you didn't add all the cheese and
2:48 am
butter, but still -- >> yes. i'm going to show you a pasta dish now that he does. i'll jump over to the pasta first. this is a shrimp fried diablo, about 700 calorie, and a decent, generous portion, as well. what does he cook instead of the battered, deep-fried catfish? seasons it with a little olive oil, lemon, preferred seasonings and digs in. a fraction of the calories. he looks unbelievable opinion you won't believe it. >> mike's before picture. mike, let's see the new you! >> whoa! >> step right here. >> come only now. >> wow. >> are you sure that's you? >> where? >> so you took a step. you just started stepping out on the track, huh? >> i did. i was a little overweight so i decided to lose a little bit of it. >> you didn't have a realistic picture of how heavy you'd gotten in your own mind until you saw the pictures. >> exactly. i went to a good friend's
2:49 am
wedding and the next day when the cameras were taken and saw pictures, just -- >> didn't recognize yourself. >> do people recognize you now? >> a lot of times they pass by me. >> i bet they do. >> because i haven't seen them in a while. >> what was the hardest thing for you to change? >> the hardest thing to change was my eating habits. >> yeah. >> i love to eat. i love to cook. so eating was, you know, my passion. >> he makes everything differently now, even lasagna. >> i see your proud wife standing behind you. 60 pounds lighter. >> looking good. >> just the power couple, you're right. >> so great. so happy for you. >> congratulations. >> thanks so much. stay healthy. >> up next, because you can't stop the rain, the latest styles to keep you dry in the next downpour. >> congratulations. good morning. i'm meteorologist crystal egger with the weather channel. today's weather looking pretty quiet, especially east of the
2:50 am
rockies. no major weather changes. temperatures will be slow to climb. still a bit chilly, especially not northeast and around the lakes. next system moving out of the northwest, salt lake city, heavy snow in places like jack hole, west yellowstone. if you're thinking of where to go for spring break to get great skiing, the snow has been great across the cascades and the rockies. temperatures will be climbing shortly. the system does bring rain and thunderstorms. isolated severe stores across the southern planes. 67 in louisville by the time we get through the middle of the week, we'll enjoy 70s. 45 in salt lake city following a little bit of snow this week. by thursday, the system marches to the east even more.
2:51 am
this time around it going to be rain because of the accompanying warm air coming with the system. showers across the south heavy at times. we certainly want the rain here in dry areas like texas. hopefully we don't get too much in a short amount of time. there will be some rin and thunderstorms pushing through as we start out the weekend here, especially on saturday but dry in the northeast, dry in the northern tier. and sunday the showers spread from the northern plains all the way down into the deep south. can you always gets latest forecast with al every weekday right here on the weather channel. laundry smells good for a long time. nmm mmn. really, you can have it! take it joe.
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time for "today's style" with portable rain gear. april showers may bring mayflowers, although it's march,
2:54 am
it's coming. >> lilianna vazquez is the founder of >> who doesn't love that? >> it's going to get rainy and stormy. i always feel like fashion and function sometimes don't mix, but we'll show you today what's perfect. >> something we like to call weekend showers. we have a sportier look, ebony. >> looking gorgeous in her weekend effort. this is if you're running errands, going to brunch, your kids. it's the color of the season, tangerine tango. this is a men's jacket i put on her because with outer wear, it's women's or men's. it's sporty. you can rock men's. i love the boots there, they have some fun buckle details. the gorgeous bag from tommy is $98. it's clear. you don't want to carry a leather bag in the rain. do plastic. >> i love the lining on that jacket. >> beautiful. >> and the white detail makes it pop. >> yes. >> next, if you're headed to
2:55 am
work and want to pick it up a little bit, we have aileen coming out with that look. >> the thing about work is you want to look cute commuting to work, walking in the building. she's wearing a fabulous cape. >> like a poncho. >> we saw gwyneth paltrow rocking a cape. i love the idea of a cape instead of a trench coat. this one's from the limited. so cute. she's got these rain boots. these are light weight because you shouldn't be wearing rain boots in your office. you can store these in your handbag. >> they fold up, basically. >> yes. >> what's going on with those pants? >> leather pants. so cute. under a hundred bucks on the leather pants. this is the bag from marny from h&m, available. so cute. i love the color blocking. kind of pulls everything together. >> thank you. >> next for evening if you want to zhuszh it up a little bit. >> you don't want to cover it under a raincoat.
2:56 am
what we did here -- she doesn't fit with the umbrella. we didn't want to cover up her outfit. this clear rain jacket from forever 21 is only $22.80. so cute. i love it layered over a black dress. and check out those rain boots. those are high-heeled rain boots. >> no, they aren't. >> they are. under $50 for the rain boots. you have to talk about her umbrella because it got caught in the door. you if you notice, it has kind of an odd shape to it. the reason is it's constructed aerodynamically so it resists winds up to 60 miles per hour. have fun with your rain gear. >> great in a tropical storm. >> thanks, sweetie. all right. lastly, get's get ready for spring. we have laura showing us her look. >> a more spring-appropriate look. you don't want to be wearing rain boots when it's 80 degrees. this is an adorable spring look. flats from j. crew are $58, jelly flats, keep your feet from getting wet.
2:57 am
we've paired it with a polka dot wrap from target. and you have to talk about the bag. you don't want to carry leather bags. they eat get wet and ruined. these are from sperry. they're made from recycled sail cloth so they're one of a kind. >> polka dots. >> thank you. >> thanks, ladies. >> up next, the teenage sensation il volo. ♪ ♪ ohh dear... i'm not sure exactly what happened here last night. i was out helping people save money on their car insurance. 2 more! you're doing it! aren't they doing great?! hiiiiiii!! come sweat with me! keep going richard.
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it was only three years ago that il volo, the italian singing teenage sensation blew audiences away on the italian talent show. since then, their album has gone worldwide and their careers soared thanks to you and me. >> they have another cd titled "il volo takes flight." their pbs special is airing this month. you are. >> pierrow, 18. >> gianluca, 17. >> ignacio, 17. >> of course you are. here they are, il volo. >> take it away. >> thank you so much. ♪ ♪
3:01 am
♪ smile even though your heart is aching smile even though it's breaking ♪ ♪ when there are clouds in the sky you'll get by if you smile through your ♪ ♪ fear and sorrow smile and maybe tomorrow you'll see the sun ♪ ♪ come shining through for you
3:02 am
light up your face ♪ ♪ with gladness hide every trace of sadness ♪ ♪ when there are clouds in the sky you'll get by ♪ ♪ that's the time you must keep on trying smile ♪ ♪ what's the use of crying you'll find that life is still worthwhile ♪ ♪ if you just smile
3:03 am
♪ when there are clouds in the sky you'll get by if you smile ♪ ♪ smile you'll find that life is still worthwhile ♪ ♪ if you just smile ♪ you'll find that life is still
3:04 am
worthwhile if you just smile ♪ >> il volo! >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center, the national broadcasting company presents -- "late night with jimmy fallon." tonight's guests are -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and here he is -- jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television -- captions by vitac -- ♪


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